The Man and the Moon

Igor and the moon.

The Man and the Moon (2004) was produced by Dekkoart.The Man and the Moonwas a performance for the family, adults and children from 8 years of age. The performance was played with a marionette and was without words, but with music composed especially for the production.

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Fotografi fra Hålogaland Teaters produksjon Match (1991)

Match (1991) was a theatre production by The Arctic Theatre, based on a play by Lotte Möller. The production was performed for paying spectators and in schools, both on tour.

Mette Brantzeg directed it.

Match was about anorexia and the challenges that meet a community, including the parents, when a young person becomes ill from anorexia.

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Antoine ja Bás-Prinssas/The little prince

Photo from Sampo Teater and calbmi's production "Antoine ja Bás-Prinssas" (1997).

Antoine ja Bás-Prinssas (1997) was a production for children by Sampo Teater, based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's book The Little Prince. This was the first Sami adaption for theatre production of Saint-Exupéry's book. Using masks, puppet figures, music and light two actors led the audience through the exciting journey of the little prince.

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The Gospel According to Thomas

Plakat for Grusomhetens Teaters produksjon Thomasevangeliet (2004)

The Gospel According to Thomas (2004) by The Theatre of Cruelty: "Who finds himself is larger than the world." The Gospel According to Thomas was discovered among a number of Gnostic scriptures in a tomb in Egypt in 1945. Scholars claim it dates back to year 50 AD, and that it is older than the four gospels incorporated in the Bible. The Theatre of Cruelty was the first theatre company to stage the gospel in Norway.

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Dark Numbers

Venue: Studio USF
Premiere: 15 Nov. 2018

prty lyf

Premiere: 15 Nov. 2018

HyPer i Egypt* (HyPer in Egypt)

Main producer: The Norwegian Theatre
Venue: Scene 2
Premiere: 17 Nov. 2018

Têtes à Têtes

Main producer: XL production
Premiere: 17 Nov. 2018