Main focusTheatre, Music, Litterature
Established1990 (closed 1994)

About Teaterforum

Teaterforum was established in 1990. Large parts of the activity ceased to exist in 1994 because of lack of funds, but the enterprise still lives on.

Nina Engelund, Karen Høie and Svein Gundersen started Teaterforum because they wanted a forum through which different artistic expressions could meet and get to know each other in the Hamar region of Eastern Norway.

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Own productions


More about Teaterforum

In 1991 and 1992 Teaterforum arranged one event every week in Hamar on average. Included in these were concerts, visiting performances, classes, culture days, youth musterings and community parties.

Teaterforum collaborated not only with dance and theatre companies in the area, but also with The Contemporary Art Centre, Folkeakademiet (literally: The People's Academy), The College University, AOF, Folkeuniversitetet Adult Education Association, Turnéorganisasjonen for Hedmark (Hedmark Touring Organisation), Women's University Norway, the film club Hamar Filmklubb, No to Nuclear Weapons, Fellesaksjonen, Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders Union, The Future in Our Hands (FIOH). 

Teaterforum chose themes for every season, focusing on different artistic expressions.


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