Kunstbanken Hedmark Kunstsenter

Sigmund Skard "Utan ramme - Unframed"

Kunstbanken Hedmark Kunstsenter, foajé og øvrige rom.

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Store scene Black Box Teater (Marstrandgata)

Photo of the main stage of Black Box Teater, Oslo (Marstrandgata)

Store scene is the name of the largest venue of Black Box Teater in Marstrandgata 8 in Grünerløkka. The venue was opened February 27 2004. First Night with the British company Forced Entertainment was the opening performance.

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Lille scene (Marstrandgata)

Lille scene er navnet på den minste scenen til Black Box Teater i Marstrandgata 8 på Grünerløkka. Scenen ble åpnet 26. februar 2004.

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Documentationvideo of the production Tonight :-) (1994) by Baktruppen - at Kampnagel

Kampnagel "... in former times a famous factory in the Hamburg workers district of Barmbek – today an international centre for the contemporary representative art" (Utdrag fra Kampnagel, www.kampnagel.de, 03.09.2010, http://www.kampnagel.de/?page=historie)

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