The Man and the Moon

Igor and the moon.

The Man and the Moon (2004) was produced by Dekkoart.The Man and the Moonwas a performance for the family, adults and children from 8 years of age. The performance was played with a marionette and was without words, but with music composed especially for the production.

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Hamburger Allee

Fotografi fra Henriette Pedersens produksjon "Hamburger Allee"

Hamburger Allee by Henriette Pedersen was a theatrical dance performance in which Pedersen based her work in unexplained prejudices and ideas about identity, and where she literally dressed the performers in stereotypes as politically incorrect characters.

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Mater Nexus

Photo from House of Stories' production Mater Nexus (2001)

Mater Nexus (2001) was a theatre production by House of Stories/Lene Therese Teigen. Mater Nexus is a play about the great issues of life: Love, career, the parenting role, illness and death. What do we expect from life? What is succeeding and what is being happy?

The stage text was developed over a three year long period, including in workshops at The Open Theatre (Det Åpne Teater) with a total of 25 involved actors.

There are 13 female roles in the text, and since the opening in 2001 it has also been produced in Stockholm, Helsinki, Gothenburg and Tokyo. University papers have been written about Mater Nexus, at The University of Oslo and The University of Bergen.

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The Gospel According to Thomas

Photo from The Theatre of Cruelty's production The Gospel According to Thomas (2004)

The Gospel According to Thomas (2004) by The Theatre of Cruelty: "Who finds himself is larger than the world." The Gospel According to Thomas was discovered among a number of Gnostic scriptures in a tomb in Egypt in 1945. Scholars claim it dates back to year 50 AD, and that it is older than the four gospels incorporated in the Bible. The Theatre of Cruelty was the first theatre company to stage the gospel in Norway.

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