Photo from The National Stage's production Hedda (1978)

Hedda was a theatre production by The National Stage, produced in 1978, and based on the play by Henrik Ibsen. Charles Marowitz had made radical changes to the text. The production was performed at the theatre's main stage.

Charles Marowitz directed it.

Janny Hoff Brekke acted in the title role.

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Polyphonia Variations

Polyphonia Variations by Tore Vagn Lid/ Transiteatret-Bergen: What happens when three young stage actors are confronted with a demanding musical and audiovisual concept? What happens when an established and virtuoso stage play meets the youth?

The spring of 2010, Transiteatret-Bergen launched a theatrical experiment in which director Tore Vagn Lid challenged young stage actors with material from the play Polyphonia - or born against better judgment - a visual radio play.

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Operation Almenrausch

Operation Almenrausch was an audiovisual hearing by Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret-Bergen based among other things on research material by historian Torgrim Titlestad.

Operation Almenrausch explored documentarism and installation as aesthetic strategies in stage arts. The performance communicated a silenced part of Norwegian war and post-war history, and discussed the writing of history, in a performance adjusted for youth and beyond in the Norwegian (art) public.

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The ensemble of De Utvalgte's production Erosion

Erosion (1995) was a theatre production by De Utvalgte. Erosion was based on texts by Jon Fosse.

Themes of the production:

1 - Who loses his/her life will find it.

2 - If one, as a human being, is not capable of transforming one's true feelings into action and communication, emotions become fake, actions become fatal, life demonic, for so to die and succumb.

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Main producer: Compagnie O
Premiere: 23 Aug. 2018

Fru Inger til Østeraat

Premiere: 24 Aug. 2018

Sail Away With Me

Premiere: 24 Aug. 2018

Tidens Korthet

Premiere: 25 Aug. 2018