Peer Gynt

Photo of the stage design for Peer Gynt, The National Theatre, 1975

Peer Gynt (1975) was a theatre production staged by The National Theatre.Peer Gynt wasbased on the play by Henrik Ibsen with the same title. The production was staged at the main stage. The opening took part March 20 1975, to the day 147 years after the birth of Henrik Ibsen.

Edith Roger directed it. To give Ibsen's text the expression of a poem, onstage as well as in the text, was the aim of the director and the 27 actors taking part.

Svein Sturla Hungnes (the young Peer), Tor Stokke (the adult Peer) and Knut Wigert (the old Peer) shared the role of Peer Gynt.

Evy Engelsborg acted in the role of Mother Aase.

The production was part of the 75th anniversary celebration of The National Theatre.

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Fotografi fra Hålogaland Teaters produksjon Match (1991)

Match (1991) var en teaterproduksjon av Hålogaland Teater. Match bygget på et skuespill av Lotte Møller, som tok opp anoreksi og hvilke utfordringer miljøet rundt og foreldre står overfor når en ungdom får denne sykdommen. Produksjonen ble spilt både som åpne forestillinger og skoleforestilling på turné. 

Regissør var Mette Brantzeg.

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The Last Cry

Poster for Perleporten Teatergruppe's production The last cry (1983)

The Last Cry was the seventh and last theatre production by Perleporten Teatergruppe. The Last Cry is about the soothsayer Cassandra, who got the gift of clairvoyance from Apollo. We know her the best from Orestes.

Agustín Gomez-Arcos has continued the story of Cassandra, removed her from her classical background and put her in a timeless, bourgeois environment. Cassandra travels with salesmen who make good money from her abilities.

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The Gospel According to Thomas

Photo from The Theatre of Cruelty's production The Gospel According to Thomas (2004)

The Gospel According to Thomas (2004) by The Theatre of Cruelty: "Who finds himself is larger than the world." The Gospel According to Thomas was discovered among a number of Gnostic scriptures in a tomb in Egypt in 1945. Scholars claim it dates back to year 50 AD, and that it is older than the four gospels incorporated in the Bible. The Theatre of Cruelty was the first theatre company to stage the gospel in Norway.

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