What a Glorious Day!

Photo from The Theatre of Cruelty's production What a glorious day! (2011)

What a Glorious Day! (2011) is a theatre production by The Theatre of Cruelty , the company's 20th production. The production had its world premiere at The Theatre of Cruelty.

Lars Øyno directed it.

What a Glorious Day! is inspired by the life and work of the painter Bendik Riis, and it was first produced on the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary for his birth. It also marked the ten year anniversary for the company's activity in its own venue, located in Hausmannsgate in Oslo. What a Glorious Day! was produced with means from Ibsen International Scholarship 2010, granted The Theatre of Cruelty in 2010. 

The production was revised and revived in 2016. At the time, it was invited to Ashirwad International Theater Festival in India.

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 Foto av Baktruppens produksjon Petra (1988)

Petra (1988) was a production by Baktruppen.Petrawas a cabaret from Norwegian topography: An informal mix of recitation and songs, plus new music. The production consisted of a total of 33 acts, among them text excerpts from Før vi gifter oss (1957, literally: Before we get married), the song book Petra (1949) and poems by Øyvind Berg.

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Fotografi fra Ferske Sceners produksjon Strømmer (2006)

Strømmer (2006) by Tale Næss was a theatre production produced by Ferske Scener.

It happened that Strømmer thought his life was better prior to the birth of Thea. He never wanted to have the wish fulfilled.

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Julie - en forkledd ung mann* (Juliet - a young man in disguise)

Photo from Det Motsatte Prosjekt's production "Julie - en forkledd ung mann"* ("Juliet - a young man in disguise", 1996)

Julie - en forkledd ung mann* (Juliet - a young man in disguise)(1996) was a theatre production by Det Motsatte Prosjekt.

In Julie - en forkledd ung mann Det Motsatte Prosjekt based its work on Frederico García Lorca's play The Public AKA The Audience (El Publico), in which gay love is a central subject. The costumes were sculptural and inspired by Bauhaus.

Jon Tombre directed it.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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Premiere: 29 Jul. 2017

Hedda Gabler

Main producer: Ibsen Theatre
Premiere: 23 Aug. 2017

Lille Eyolf

Main producer: The National Theatre
Venue: Amfiscenen
Premiere: 29 Aug. 2017

The Book of Mormon

Main producer: The Norwegian Theatre
Premiere: 2 Sep. 2017