Video from the production Shadows by De Utvalgte

Shadow (2009) by De Utvalgte confronted Jon Fosse and his theatre text Shadow, which is a strange, different and alarming text. Voices from women and men calling out from some kind of a limbo, a place beyond life, a place where they can neither stay nor escape. The present merges with memories from the past. What the characters have left from life are the memories about the relations and connections they had to each other.

De Utvalgte and director Kari Holtan benefitted from a unique effect. In the room six large head-shaped plaster figures hung from the air. On them faces were projected – faces talking to us and each other. The text belonged to Fosse, but children were who were talking, while adult actors silently performed onstage.

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Atten Aar

Fotografi fra Den Nationale Scenes produksjon Atten Aar (1929).

Atten Aar (1929) var en teaterproduksjon av Den Nationale SceneAtten Aar var basert på et skuespill av John Van Druten med samme tittel. Produksjonen ble satt opp på Store Scene.

Regissør var Karl August Bergmann.

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Photo from POS Theatre Company's production "Come!" (2007)

Come! by POS Theatre Company is a production based on Allan Edwall's drama and songs.

In Edwall's spirit director Per-Olav Sørensen and actor Øystein Røger have built a performance in which text and music are combined.

Come! tells the story about a man midway in life, seen with the ironic glance of Allan Edwall.

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Great Expectations

Photo from Hollow Creature's production Great Expectations

Great Expectations was a puppetry production by Hollow Creature. Great Expectations was the second part of the trilogy In memoriam to Identity based on texts by the American writer Kathy Acker.

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Sleepless AKA Wakefulness

Main producer: Hordaland Theatre
Venue: Logen
Premiere: 23 May. 2018


Main producer: dEEp doWN dopEiZM
Premiere: 23 May. 2018


Premiere: 24 May. 2018


Main producer: Carte Blanche
Premiere: 24 May. 2018