Premiére date11 Oct. 2017
Produced byThe Norwegian Theatre
Based onHerostratos by Janne-Camilla Lyster
Running period11 Oct. 2017  
WebsiteDet Norske Teatret

About Herostratus

Herostratus (2017) is a theatre production by The Norwegian Theatre, based on a play by Janne-Camilla Lyster. The production is performed in the theatre's venue Scene 3.

Øyvind Osmo Eriksen directs it.

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    More about Herostratus

    At the webpage of The Norwegian Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Herostratus:

    "What makes seemingly ordinary people commit transgressions?
    In year 365 BC an until then unknown young man named Herostratus set fire to the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world. It was said that his motivation was achieving fame. The man was punished with death, and his fellow countrymen decided never to mention him by name. But what one is to keep silent on also is what everyone would like to talk about, and ironically the young arsonist became the origin of the expression herostratic fame; to become notorious for having committed a crime.

    From loser to victor

    Janne-Camilla Lyster's poetic, choreographic score used the Herostratus myth as its starting point. She examines what causes people to feel excluded from community, after which they want to surpass all by taking revenge with an extreme act. The feeling of being an outsider is transformed into a victory of sorts. Being an outsider makes one special, gives strength. The herostratic wants to show his, or her, contempt for the world through showing how superior he or she is.

    Do we recognise ourselves?

    Director Øyvind Osmo Eriksen wonders if not all kinds of extremists have characteristics from Herostratus. Fighting for the greater good may be an excuse for a motive. By doing something terrible, they wish to be written into the history books. Herostratus searches for the recognisable in this mythical character and what he represents. For isn't there something universal in the wish for immortality?"


    The Norwegian Theatre, www.detnorsketeatret.no, 15.09.17, http://www.detnorsketeatret.no/framsyningar/herostratos/

    Import from the Scenekunst.no list of openings 05.09.2017