Soft Eyes

Produced byArtilleriet Produksjoner, Østfold Theatre
In collaboration withNorwegian Centre for New Playwriting (NCNP)
AudienceYouth, Adults (from 16)
ExpressionsTheatre, Drama
Running period2015  
DurationApproximately 30 minutes
WebsiteSAND - Festivalen, Artilleriet Produksjoner

About Soft Eyes

Soft Eyes (2015) is a theatre production by Artilleriet Productions AKA Artilleriet Produksjoner and Performing Arts Østfold AKA Scenekunst Østfold in collaboration with Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting. Soft Eyes is based on a text by Kate Pendry. The production is performed inside a trailer parked near the stated venues.

Thomas Holtermann Østgaard directed it.

Soft Eyes was performed as part of the festival Heddadagene 2018.

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    Import from the list of openings 01.09.2017

    SAND - International Festival of Performing Arts for a Young Audience,, 01.09.2017,

    Artilleriet Produksjoner AKA Artilleriet Productions,, 01.09.2017,

    Heddadagene,, 16.07.2018,