Callas Revisited

Premiére date14 Sep. 2017
Produced byThe National Theatre
In collaboration withOslo Operafestival
Based onCallas-La Divina by Einar Bjørge
ExpressionsTheatre, Music, Drama
Running period14 Sep. 2017  
Duration1 hour

About Callas Revisited

Callas Revisited (2017) is a theatre production by The National Theatre in collaboration with Oslo Opera Festival. Callas Revisited is a developed version of Callas - La Divina by Einar Bjørge.

Einar Bjørge directed it.

Kari Onstad played the role of Maria Callas.

Tine Solheim has recreated Maria Callas' haute couture outfits for the performance.

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    More about Callas Revisited

    At the webpage of The National Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Callas Revisited:

    "In September 1977, in her apartment in Avenue Georges Mandel 36 in Paris, the opera legend Maria Callas sits alone in the night, listening to recordings of herself. Her career is over, and her great love Aristoteles Onassis has died.

    40 years later, we return to the very last night of her life to meet the woman Maria, who lived in the shadow of La Callas. Now, she shares all her secrets.

    The performance puts the emphasis on central moments in the myth-surrounded life of a singer and performing artist who changed the history of opera. We go behind the façade.

    Callas Revisited is based on the award-winning play Callas - La Divina by the same playwright. New source material about the friendship with Kirsten Flagstad and other 'secrets', is integrated into the performance with unique audio-visual clips of Callas."


    Import from the list of openings 30.08.2017

    The National Theatre,, 30.08.2017,