The Stamsund Survey & The Tourist

Premiére date4 Jun. 2004
Produced byBaktruppen
ExpressionsDebate, Improvisational theatre, Live art, Performance, Comedy, Conversation(s)
Running period2003  —  4 Jun. 2004

About The Stamsund Survey & The Tourist

Stamsund Gallup Poll & The Tourist (2003) by Baktruppen: As a result of the poll made by Baktruppen a two and a half meter tall wooden sculpture was given to the people in Stamsund to decide its name and if they wanted it to stand on land or be thrown in the ocean. The sculpture was wanted on land by 95% and was named The Tourist.

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Press review

"The people of Stamsund have spoken. Even though the performance artists from Baktruppen wanted to throw the 200 000 Norwegian Kroner art work in the ocean, it will stand." By Lars Antonsen, article titled "Clung to the art", Avisa Nordland 07.06.04

More about The Stamsund Survey & The Tourist

Baktruppen was invited by Kunst i Nordland (the county’s art division, whose name means Art in Nordland) to make an art project in Stamsund. This led to the Stamsund Gallup Poll in May 2003, a poll in which the people of Stamsund were to express their opinions and observations.

One year later Baktruppen had processed the information from the poll, in which they learned that the inhabitants in Stamsund wanted a cinema. Baktruppen was unable to give them a cinema, but replaced it with a two and a half meter tall sculpture in spruce, made by Trond Solberg. In Stamsund Baktruppen wanted to sink the sculpture in the ocean. But 95 percent of the inhabitants voted to keep it. The people were granted their will and their art. They christened him The Tourist.


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