Lubos Hruza

Photo of Lubos Hruza

Lubos Hruza (1933-2008) was a Czech-Norwegian stage designer. Hruza worked in Norway (mainly for The National Theatre) from 1968, and stayed in Norway for approximately 20 years before moving back to The Czech Republic.

Lubos Hruza's works for the stage gained European recognition and his strongly expressive form became a source of inspiration for Norwegian theatre. Among his assignments as a stage designer are a long series of productions of Shakespeare and Ibsen, plus plays of Dostoyevsky, Chekhov, Beckett and Arthur Miller.

Lubos Hruza was given Norwegian Critics' Award for theatre in 1979 for his stage design for John Gabriel Borkman for The National Theatre.

In his speech to Lubos Hruza on behalf of Norwegian Critics' Association Jo Ørjasæter said the following, among other things:

"In this we also include the recognition of what Lubos Hruza has meant for Norwegian stage design during the 1970es. It is developing into a more dynamically acting part of the performance than what we have been used to. And in this development the very Lubos Hruza, as a person and an inspiration, is a source of force."

The Sceneweb database covers productions Lubos Hruza has contributed to in Norwegian theatre.

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Knut M. Hansson

Knut Mørch Hansson (født 16. april 1920 i Alexandria, Egypt, død 3. desember 1994 i Oslo) var en norsk skuespiller.

Biografien om Knut M. Hansson ble skrevet av Thoralf Berg, tidligere professor ved Høyskolen i Sør-Trøndelag. Gjengitt med tillatelse fra forfatteren.

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Knut Ove Arntzen

Portrettfotografi av Knut Ove Arntzen (1985)

Knut Ove Arntzen (born 1950) is a Norwegian theatre theorist and professor at The Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies at The University of Bergen. Arntzen has published a number of articles and books and is in particular known for his work with newer performing arts forms, in particular related to the terms non-hierarchical and visual dramaturgy. Arntzen prefers the term "a visual kind of dramaturgy", which he defines as follows: "It indicates  that elements or means of expression, such as space, frontality, textuality and visuality, are no longer arranged in the traditional sense of organic or hierarchic systems, but are equivalent, on an equal footing".

Arntzen also has a past as a theatre critic for the newspaper Arbeiderbladet and has been a visiting lecturer at several universities abroad.

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Torun Lian

Torun Lian (født 15. januar 1956) er en norsk forfatter, dramatiker og filmregissør. Lian har mottatt en lang rekke norske og utenlandske priser for sitt arbeid, såvel som regissør og dramatiker som for sine ungdomsromaner. Hun har tidligere arbeidet som rekvisitør, scenograf og har undervist i manuskriptskriving bl.a. ved Den norske filmskolen og Statens studiesenter for film.

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