Sossen Krohg

Documentary video about Time fears the pyramid by Passage Nord Project, 1991

Sossen Finne Anker Krohg (born December 18 1923 in Kristiania, dead 12. Februrary 2016 in Oslo) is a Norwegian actress. She has for the past few years been mostly known as Astrid Anker-Hansen in the soap series Hotel Cæsar broadcasted by TV 2. She interpreted the role until the beginning of April 2010. With her fellow actress Anette Hoff she was awarded an honorary award by the TV awards Gullruten in 2010, due to this.

Sossen Finne Anker Krohg graduated from The Norwegian Theatre's theatre school in 1946 and was immediately hired. She went on to Folketeatret, where she was employed until 1960. In 1966 Sossen Finne Anker Krogh was among the founders of the theatre at famous Club 7 in Oslo. She was employed as theatredirector at the club's stage venue Scene 7 until 1985.

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Ella Hval

Portrettfotografi av skuespiller og instruktør Ella Hval

Ella Hval (født Ella Signe Quist Kristoffersen 7. januar 1904 i Kristiania, død 17. desember 1994 i Stavanger) var en norsk skuespiller og instruktør. Ella Hval debuterte i 1932 på Chat Noir. Hun var tilknyttet Den Nationale Scene i perioden 1936-1940 og Nationaltheatret fra 1940 til hun pensjonerte seg i 1974.

Biografien under om Ella Hval ble skrevet av Thoralf Berg, tidligere professor ved Høyskolen i Sør-Trøndelag. Gjengitt med tillatelse fra forfatteren.

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Knut Ove Arntzen

Portrettfotografi av Knut Ove Arntzen (1985)

Knut Ove Arntzen (born 1950) is a Norwegian theatre theorist and professor at The Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies at The University of Bergen. Arntzen has published a number of articles and books and is in particular known for his work with newer performing arts forms, in particular related to the terms non-hierarchical and visual dramaturgy. Arntzen prefers the term "a visual kind of dramaturgy", which he defines as follows: "It indicates  that elements or means of expression, such as space, frontality, textuality and visuality, are no longer arranged in the traditional sense of organic or hierarchic systems, but are equivalent, on an equal footing".

Arntzen also has a past as a theatre critic for the newspaper Arbeiderbladet and has been a visiting lecturer at several universities abroad.

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Harald Schwenzen

Portrettfotografi av Harald Stammann Fries Schwenzen

Harald Schwenzen (1895-1954) was a Norwegian actor.

He was married to actress Astri Schwenzen.

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