IdaLou Larsen

Born19 May. 1935
FunctionsEditor, Writer, Advisor, Critic, Journalist

About IdaLou Larsen

IdaLou Larsen is the editor of the webpage, the main theatre critic in the newspaper Klassekampen, a member of the Hedda jury, and she has and has had a number of appointments and functions related to Norwegian theatre.

In 2012 she was the recipient of the critic award Olav Dalgards Kritikarpris. The reason can be read at the webpage of The Norwegian Critics' Association (text in Norwegian only):

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More about IdaLou Larsen

IdaLou Larsen won The Hedda Honorary Award 2012.

The Hedda committee gave the following reason:

"Hedda's Honorary Award 2012 goes to a person who has made her mark on Norwegian theatre for more than 30 years, though not as a performer, but in an as important function. The recipient enjoys great respect from her fellow colleagues, but also from actors, theatre managers, directors and stage designers, yes, most in the theatre community. Few, if any, have such a wide experience, and such an open and curious approach.

The award winner's voice in criticising society can't be underestimated. The critical comments have been precise, thoroughly reflected upon, and have often lifted the discussion out of mundane sentiments. This is combined with an analytic ability and vast knowledge. As a person to define the terms of the theatre discourse the winner may have her most important role. Her voice can be heard far beyond the theatre salon.

The recipient has been involved in numerous commissions, committees and discussions about a wide spectrum of theatre political subjects. She has been a sharp and alert observer of the different political parties' cultural programs and the national culture and theatre politics. As a control organ in her own device the winner has analysed and commented, and posed the uncomfortable questions to the politicians. But the theatres and we theatre managers have also been told off.

The critical, societal and political emphasis has sharpened the theatres. In this way one can say that the award winner has had power in Norway's theatres, through being read, listened to and discussed. The theatres haven't dared to sit idly, they have had to reflect, answer and at times also change decisions.

An important case she has fought for is more quality productions for children and youth, and perhaps we can also thank her that more challenging theatre for children is being produced. As a spokesperson for gender balance in the theatre the winner has moved mileposts and focus, and she has cleared the way for our generation. With a rhetorical edge came the statement "Feminism today should be about getting girls to understand that they are thinking beings".

Among the other golden quotes we remember is the response toHans Rossiné when he wanted to downsize the small theatres: UPSIZE the regional theatres! Or her response to the debate about Big Brother TV: "To become a celebrity has suddenly become more important than being capable. That one in addition can become a celebrity in being as unsympathetic as possible, is indeed uncomfortable."

During her career the award winner has watched well over 3000 productions. Nobody in Norway is near having as good an overlook of Norwegian theatre the past 30 years.

And we are convinced it will continue! We think and hope that the theatres will also be visited frequently in the future, and we are convinced her voice will be heard in the radio, newspapers, journals, blogs and debates.

The award winner gets the award for her critical involvement, for her endless urge to write, her work with The Hedda Jury and all in all...

Rarely Norwegian performing arts have been treated more seriously!

Deep respect and massive love stand behind the decision to give The Honorary Hedda 2012 to IdaLou Larsen."


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