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11 Apr. 2018

"Ved å anvende rundhorisont og dreiescene, og ved sin personlige og karakteristiske stil, bidrog Oliver Neerland som scenograf i sterk grad til å modernisere scenebildet i norsk teater. [...]  Med sin brede erfaring, voldsomme energi, sprudlende fantasi og dype respekt for sitt arbeid skapte Neerland en kunstnerisk og stilren ramme om en lang rekke oppsetninger. Hans fantasifulle dekorasjoner bidrog i høy grad til å gi oppsetningene et særpreget helhetsinntrykk."

Dette skrev Thoralf Berg i sin biografi om den norske maleren og scenografen Oliver Neerland. Les mer om han her.

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From the archive

Yellow Moon

Yellow Moon

The Scandinavian opening of Yellow Moon – the ballad of Leila and Lee by David Greig directed by Franzisca Aarflot the autumn of 2008, was made in collaboration between The Norwegian Touring Theatre, Nordic Black Theatre and Det Åpne Teater (The Open Theatre) in connection to the festival Twist 08.

Leila is the silent teenager of the town, obsessed with celeb magazines. Lee Macalinden is the most lost teenager in the circle of ten kilometres. During their first coincidental meeting Lee becomes a murderer. Now they need someplace to hide.

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From the archive

Gjertrud Jynge

Photo from The Arctic Theatre's production Krane's Café (2013)

Gjertrud Louise Jynge (1966) is a Norwegian actress. Gjertrud Jynge was born in 1966, and attended The National Academy of Theatrefrom 1990 to 1993. The same year she was employed by Rogaland Theatre where she made her debut as der Hedvig in The Wild Duck, followed by Nora in A doll's house, both directed by Jan Håkanson.

In 1996 The Norwegian Theatre hired her, and she has worked for the theatre since. Here her many roles include Milja in Oskar Braaten's The Brat, Clytemnestra in Aeschylus' Orestes and Johanna in Taus musikk* (Mute Music) by Lars Norén.

She has performed parts in musicals such as Forever Young and Which Witch, she has been the woman in green and Anitra in Peer Gynt, and the Marquise in The Second Surprise of Love. She has also acted in several movies and TV series, and in 1996 she got Anders Jahre's Award for younger artists.

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From the archive

Regionteater Väst

Plakat for Regionteater Väst og Teater Innlandetds produksjon Huset GranNabo (2004)

Regionteater Väst and its associated venues have formerly been known under several different names; Bohusläns Teater, Älvsborgsteatern and Västsvenska Teater och Dans AB.

Regionteater Väst aspires to create professional performing arts for children and youth, accessible for the whole Västra Götaland region.

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